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We’ve developed and successfully embedded solutions from international and local companies in the healthcare industry. Use our healthcare software products to increase efficiency, prevent medical mistakes, protect sensitive data, and receive better treatment results.

High-performance software solutions for better results in medical industry

Increase efficiency, prevent medical mistakes, protect sensitive data, and receive better treatment results with Marka Development! IT-outsourcing is a solution even for small medical centers to improve customer experience using new technologies.

The Healthcare industry is developing rapidly and regularly faces new challenges. Innovations are constantly entering the market, some of which completely change the world.

For example, Apple ResearchKit, Q Sensor, and other companies inspire medical companies to develop and improve their technological base.

Marka Development monitors market trends and offers an individual approach for each business. Creating high-performance healthcare software is different from business software. Our specialists know not only the technology but also all regulatory and security requirements.


What Marka Development offers:

1. Receive benefits of integrated solutions

As no one tool satisfies all healthcare providers’ requests it is necessary to integrate various solutions into one infrastructure. We are experts in complex system integration.

2. Get all information from your data

Data analytic enables healthcare providers to transform clinical, operational, and financial data into actionable knowledge. So that they can make predictions more quickly and accurately, compare past and present datasets, and achieve financial and clinical goals.

3. Increase the competitiveness of your products

Be ready for all challenges. We create innovative solutions for you to improve the quality of products and manage their profitability from the beginning of the lifecycle.

4. Increase customer loyalty

Let your customers interact with health information over the Internet and optimize work processes. Save the time with an easier booking process and online consultations. Keep your customer service team open to the consumer with the help of healthcare software developers.

Our expertise



Production of vaccines and medicines

Planning and managing

Planning and managing

A process of pharmaceutical production

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Maintaining certificates and digital dossiers of the produced batches and series

Packaging management

Packaging management

Managing digital artwork such as labels, logos, and packaging components for SKUs


Automated workflow management

More than 10 years Marka Development has been creating healthcare software for hospitals, laboratories, medical companies. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of your products and improve the operational efficiency of the company itself. Use our experience to increase the competitiveness of products and improve the operational efficiency of the company itself.
To achieve it we’ve developed PLM solutions that are used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Software for making an accurate prediction

Track financial performance in real-time, build forecasts and make reasonable decisions. We’d been working for 8 months to create data warehouse architecture, automate data flows, develop meaningful KPIs, and metrics. As a result, we’ve built a comprehensive framework for analytics and decision making. Аnalytical model and centralized system, Power BI dashboards, real-time display of

unified metrics – all of that allow to increase efficiency, save money and reduce analysis time.

We are using cutting-edge technologies like VR and AI to transform the healthcare industry. Our clients grow rapidly by increasing the customer base and revenue and become leaders of industry with unique software solutions.

Transfer data into Azure, AWS or set up private clouds

Migration the data to the cloud simplifies the process of managing application costs, performance, and scalability according to business goals and needs. Marka Development experts have extensive experience in software development and ready to find the best cloud solution for you if you don’t have free IT-resources.

Choose cloud solutions – manage metrics according to business goals.


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